Endless Summer Running Party

The Endless Summer Running Party is a free 5-month, 500 mile program to help you achieve your wellness goals through fun, engaging events, physical tests and cool giveaways, leading up to the St Pete Run Fest in November.

The party is 500 miles of commitment!  The goal is to average 100 miles a month. When you complete them, you will be asked to upload your documentation (you will only be cheating yourself…).

Still want to party but only want to run 400 miles?   You can register as Fashionably Late and get all the swag.  All you have to do is run 400 miles (by end October) and complete one of the summer challenges!

Throughout the Endless Summer, we will introduce different challenges with fun giveaways to motivate you during the “dog days.” If you complete the 500 (400 miles and summer challenge-Fashionably Late) you will earn an Endless Summer Tank or T Shirt**, plus lots of sweet swag along the way.

**You must be registered for St Pete Run Fest 2020 to receive the tank/shirt.

The Course

Your 500 or 400 mile run challenge happens when and where you want to run! You can dance, walk, bike, swim or run the miles.  Run 100 miles each month or start with fewer miles and then ramp up your training in the last couple of months. You just have to complete them by October 31, 2020.  This is YOUR personal challenge, so tailor it to fit you!

Download and print the TRACKER sheet to log your mileage each month!

A preview of some of the summer challenges:
Runner Bingo
Hot Hot Hot August: 31 Day Run Streak
Fall Scavenger Hunt: Fall themed scavenger hunt, might be a bit scary.
Plogtoberfest: Good Sweat! Earn some cold brews while cleaning the planet.

What do I get?

Endless Summer Tank or T-Shirt (picked up at St Pete Run Fest)**

Invitation to Endless Summer Party

Goodies from our sponsors all summer long

A digital certificate of completion

**Must be registered for St Pete Run Fest 2020 and submit your distance and time to receive tank/shirt

Pelican Endless Summer Running Party Entry Fees


We realize the last few months have been difficult and hope this program is fun and rewarding. Originally, we planned a paid for virtual event and elected to offer a series of free activities so you can save your money and get ready for the “real thing” in November.

Race Details


What: 500 or 400 mile run challenge

When: June 20th-October 31st

Where:  your choice!

Track your miles to upload