Virtual Race

We don’t want you to miss out on everything that makes the St Pete Half Marathon special – the beautiful course, the fantastic volunteers and entertainment, and the post-race festivities.  However, we also know that sometimes important things in life take precedence, and when that happens you can choose the VIRTUAL RACE option.   Run the 13.1 miles of the St Pete Half Marathon where and when it’s convenient for you!  Run it on a trail with a friend, on a treadmill at the gym, or on your favorite local streets.  Just track your mileage and time, then share it with us.  We will send you a finisher medal and race shirt for completing the miles!

Please make sure you sign up for the 2019 VIRTUAL St Pete Half Marathon when registering.  The entry fee for the VIRTUAL race is $40, which includes your race shirt, finisher medal, and shipping cost.  **Please make sure your mailing address is correct when registering**


PLEASE NOTE:  Participants who register for the VIRTUAL event will NOT receive a bib or timing chip, and will NOT be entered in the live event.  Virtual runners without a bib/chip are not permitted to run in the live event and will not receive post-race food/drink.


Did you miss out on last year’s 2018 St Pete Half Marathon?  Do you still want to complete the “3-PETE Challenge”? If you ran the inaugural 2017 live event, and are signed up to run the 2019 live event, but missed the second event of the 3-year series, you can still complete the 2018 St Pete Half Marathon as a VIRTUAL RACE!   Register for the 2018 VIRTUAL St Pete Half Marathon, run your 13.1 miles, and share your mileage with us.  You’ll receive a 2018 finisher medal and 2018 shirt in the mail (please note, some sizes are not available)!   Be sure to choose “2018 VIRTUAL St Pete Half Marathon” when registering.  The entry fee is $40, and includes medal, shirt and shipping.  **Please Note: only ONE virtual race may be counted towards the 3-PETE Challenge** (ie.  If you run the 2018 event virtually, you must have completed the 2017 live event, and must complete the live event in 2019 to be eligible for the 3-PETE challenge.)