3-Pete Throwdown 

Looking for a challenge that will keep you motivated to stay fit and healthy long-term? Perhaps you love extra bling? Then this is the challenge for you! Participate in the St. Pete Half Marathon for three years in a row (2017, 2018, 2019), and we will award you a special “3-PETE” medal at the 2019 event!

Dolphin Double 16.2

If you want to go the extra distance, run the 5K AND the Half Marathon! This 16.2 mile challenge gives you a race each day, with the 5K beginning at 8am on Saturday, and the Half Marathon starting at 7am on Sunday. At the Half Marathon finish you’ll receive a special DD keepsake!

Stingray Double Play 9.3

Enjoy a full weekend of running races – run the 5K AND the 10K!  This 9.3 mile challenge gives you a race each day, with the 5K beginning at 8am on Saturday, and the 10K starting at 8:15am on Sunday.  At the 10K finish you’ll receive a special SDP keepsake!

Team Challenges 

Teams that run together stay together, and work better! Its proven that a healthier workforce is more productive, so what better way to gain a competitive advantage than improving your company’s wellness, while beating your competition into the pavement!

The St Pete Run Fest Team Race pits companies, government organizations, running clubs, schools and universities, social clubs, and family and friends against each other for the “Fastest Team” challenge.  The team races will commence during the 5K, 10K and half marathon events.

Bring out your company, team, running club or large group of friends and make this a running party! For teams of 20 more you will get a 10×10 tent space to set up in our Tailgate Zone. This zone will be set up near the finish line to serve as a meeting place for your group and a great spot to cheer on other runners! We will also have a reserved parking spot for the team leader, snacks and drinks, and your own set of tailgate portos!

Awards will be presented to the top 3 overall teams, which is based on best overall aggregate time of the athletes on the team.  We also present an award for the largest team!  Be sure to enter/select your team name when registering so that you and your time can be counted for your team.