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Motivational Mantra and Mental Toughness

By Terri Rejimbal, RRCA certified coach We’ve all heard the saying that “running is 90% mental & 10% physical”, right? It’s no secret that in addition to strong legs and lungs, you need a strong mind to achieve your running goals. Your mind can be your weapon or your weakness, says Lenny Wiersma, Ph. D.,… Read more »

Evaluating Your Race…It’s Not All About Your Finishing Time

By Terri Rejimbal, RRCA certified Run Coach You spend months training and preparing for an event. You cross the finish line, hang the medal around your neck and in the days that follow, most of us will either bask in the glory of our performance, or feel disappointed with our time or placement. Whether your… Read more »

How Lucky Am I

By Ginger Herring Four leaf clovers, pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Leprechauns, the luck of the Irish. Aren’t we all lucky to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day? I don’t believe we need to have a special day to be lucky though. I ran the Columbus Marathon in 1999. It was… Read more »

Dressing for the Elements

By Terri Rejimbal, RRCA Coach How do you dress for a run that has you feeling chilly at the start, overheated at the end and is sprinkled with rain showers in between? Running in Florida, where the weather can change by the hour, has its challenges and knowing the right combination of clothing to wear… Read more »

Tips to Sharpen A Racer’s Edge

Cooler weather signals fall has finally arrived, and along with it a season filled with road races from 5Ks to marathons. Through the summer you trained consistently, gradually increased your mileage, and even hit your splits while running speed work in miserable heat. I’m often asked: “Is there anything else I can do to better… Read more »

Is Hiring a Coach Only for Elites?

It’s been said that a coach brings out the best in an athlete, both physically & mentally. There’s an “art” to the craft of coaching and a great coach will serve many roles: mentor, motivator, leader, psychologist and friend. She/he should guide, inspire and empower the athlete to achieve their full potential, maybe even more… Read more »

Jive Talkin’ – Runner’s Lingo Decoded

What do social media, most sports, and babies have in common? They each have a language all their own! PB, what? Last week while running with a friend she commented that newer runners may not be familiar with the lingo, terms, and acronyms we use when talking about our passion, and suggested it might be… Read more »

T-I-A = Training In Action!

Not local to St. Pete, but want a coach and training plan for the St. Pete Half Marathon? Certified Running Coach Tia Pettygrue coaches people virtually all over the country, and is one of the St. Pete Run Fest Ambassadors. Tia will coach you for your first, or best half marathon! Tia is offering a 10-week… Read more »


by Terri Rejimbal, RRCA Coach Hooray! Summer is here! Less bulky clothes, longer daylight hours, and runner tan lines! Can you hear my enthusiasm? It’s also that time when the Fahrenheit rises and running paces plummet. Let’s face it, running in warm temps is hard enough, and when you add in higher dew point, temperatures… Read more »