With the St. Pete Run Fest on the horizon we’re wondering if you are looking to hit your PR this year? 

If so, do you know how to figure out what your body needs to achieve this goal? 

Some may say running more miles, others believe hill repeats and harder intervals are the secret sauce. 

Here’s what I can tell you after working 30 years with all runners at all levels. 

Training more is not the answer.  

Training smarter is. 

The big question most have is how do you actually train smarter? 

Knowing how hard you can push your body and how much recovery it needs to perform your best is the way achieve your greatest success.  

So here’s my question to you…

How would you like to take all the guess work out of your training and get laser focused on your success plan to the finish line?

At Back 2 Normal our athletes use our cutting-edge Heart Rate Variability technology to give them the edge over their competition by identifying key markers that indicate the health of their nervous system so they can optimize their training and achieve their goals. 

True to its name, Heart Rate Variability measures the variation in time between each heartbeat, controlled by a primitive part of the nervous system called the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

HRV objectively measures the balance between your nervous systems and makes adjustments in everyday life to reduce stress levels so you can increase overall health and mental function. By examining stress response, control of hormones, biological age and more, our team has the tools to positively improve these functions with a custom plan of care.

An HRV score helps accomplish your goals

Measure and reduce stress

Improve mental health

Improve mental performance

Optimize athletic training and recovery

Track progress & resilience

Improve immune function

 Key Benefits of Measuring Heart Rate Variability

Understand how your body responds to triggers– HRV therapy creates awareness around the healthy habits that deliver a favorable impact on your health. As a result, it typically will influence positive behavioral change.

Expose the link between stress, pain, mood, and injuries– Chronic stress and pain can lead you on a path to drastically reduced health, poor athletic performance and delayed recovery or inability to heal from an injury.

Predict training response (high or low intensity)- Our team can customize treatments with HRV – ex. high HRV means you may respond better to higher intensity training, while low HRV may need a low intensity approach and more focus on recovery.

Identify overuse injuries even before they happen– HRV data can determine when you’re less likely to perform at your best or when your body needs more recovery time. It can even signal when you’re at higher risk for injury.

We understand that athletes want quick and easy solutions to keep them at the top of their game. Look no further than our cutting-edge recovery strategies to give you the edge over your competition. We use a whole-body approach that gets results so you can focus on your training. 

Visit www.back2normalpt.com or call 727- 362-6866 to learn more about our services and jumpstart your healing, performance, and recovery!  Keep an eye out on race day for special offer available only run fest participants.

Be sure to visit the Back 2 Normal beresponsible™ Recovery Zone in the Athlete’s Village after your race for the latest technology and treatments to ensure race participants quicker, more effective post-race recovery.

Experience the best of performance enhancement technologies and recovery therapies to help you achieve optimal wellness – in sport and in everyday life.  The Recovery Zone includes: Massage Therapy, Bemer Therapy, Percussion Therapy, Normatec Compression Therapy, Stretching, Massage Stick, and Foam Rolling and Therapeutic Essential Oil