Get the Edge Over Your Competition 🏃🏆🥇

With the St. Pete Run Fest on the horizon we’re wondering if you are looking to hit your PR this year?  If so, do you know how to figure out what your body needs to achieve this goal?  Some may say running more miles, others believe hill repeats and harder intervals are the secret sauce. … Read more »

Regenexx Training Plan by Abby Perone, DC, CES

5k. Five kilometers. Three point one miles. 5k. You see your friend’s Facebook post where they get up at 6am to meet a group of equally “crazy” runner friends to run a 5k. Part of you says: They’re crazy. There is no way I could rise before the sun to get up and go for… Read more »

Regenexx Gets You Ready To Run

Regenexx At New Regeneration Orthopedics On Training For A Half Marathon The St. Pete Run Fest is on the horizon and as the date approaches, first-time marathon runners might be wondering how best to train for a half marathon. Read on to learn more about the practices to implement when embarking on your first half-marathon… Read more »

Running with my NEW BFF – Me, Myself & I

By Terri Rejimbal, RRCA certified coach It’s been about 3 weeks now of running solo and getting to know yourself better. Are you enjoying your own company? How can we find personal value during this time? Let’s look at some benefits to running solo. Here are some advantages of running solo with your BFF… Inner… Read more »

Running Circles During a Pandemic & Not Go Crazy or Dizzy

By Terri Rejimbal, RRCA certified coach This screen shot shows a marathon run during the pandemic. French marathon runner Elisha Nochomovitz recently made headlines by running an entire marathon on his 7-meter balcony while on lockdown. Our normal lives have been turned upside down by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our daily runs and gym workouts that… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions – Getting Back On Track After Getting Off Track

by Terri Rejimbal, RRCA certified coach It’s already 3 months into the new year, how are your resolutions and training holding up? Let’s be honest, the start of the new year always ignites new zest for making convincing resolutions and training plans. However, unrealistic expectations can often be a big reason why many fail. According… Read more »

STOP! – It’s Taper Time!

By Terri Rejimbal, RRCA certified coach Training for a big event, don’t forget the taper. Having returned from a trip to South America, a tapir is an indigenous animal of South America with a similar sounding name to taper. Tapirs are herbivores that live in jungles and look like a hodge-podge of left-over parts. Let’s… Read more »