Is Hiring a Coach Only for Elites?

It’s been said that a coach brings out the best in an athlete, both physically & mentally. There’s an “art” to the craft of coaching and a great coach will serve many roles: mentor, motivator, leader, psychologist and friend. She/he should guide, inspire and empower the athlete to achieve their full potential, maybe even more… Read more »

Jive Talkin’ – Runner’s Lingo Decoded

What do social media, most sports, and babies have in common? They each have a language all their own! PB, what? Last week while running with a friend she commented that newer runners may not be familiar with the lingo, terms, and acronyms we use when talking about our passion, and suggested it might be… Read more »

T-I-A = Training In Action!

Not local to St. Pete, but want a coach and training plan for the St. Pete Half Marathon? Certified Running Coach Tia Pettygrue coaches people virtually all over the country, and is one of the St. Pete Run Fest Ambassadors. Tia will coach you for your first, or best half marathon! Tia is offering a 10-week… Read more »


by Terri Rejimbal, RRCA Coach Hooray! Summer is here! Less bulky clothes, longer daylight hours, and runner tan lines! Can you hear my enthusiasm? It’s also that time when the Fahrenheit rises and running paces plummet. Let’s face it, running in warm temps is hard enough, and when you add in higher dew point, temperatures… Read more »

Running Form – Perfect Posture

By Terri Rejimbal, RRCA Remember how your mother would scold you for not standing up straight and encouraged you to walk around the house with a book on your head? Well she wasn’t wrong. Perfect posture makes you look taller, slimmer, more confident, and gives your diaphragm and rib cage more room to expand when performing… Read more »

Your Most Important Piece of Running Equipment – SHOES!

                                       By Terri Rejimbal, RRCA The upper? The forefoot? The outsole? What does this all mean??? If you’re like most of us, you haven’t paid too much attention to the anatomy of your shoes. As a runner, the more you understand the language of running shoes, the better the chances you’ll buy the right pair… Read more »

Back 2 Normal Local Partner

      Click here for training and recovery tips Back 2 Normal specializes in physical therapy, performance enhancement and wellness. We deliver and excel in an approach that promotes healing, expedites recovery, maximizes performance and accelerates pain relief. We provide a personalized, caring, holistic environment that offers private and individualized treatment with an unwavering commitment to excellence…. Read more »

Run Vie Racing Local Partner

Click here for training plans and coaching Run Vie Racing was built out of our love of running and living a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to bring running and triathlon to people who don’t think they can run, assist athletes who want to improve within their sport, and offer training to those who… Read more »

St Pete Running Company Local Partner

Click here for training plans and coaching St Pete Running Company is dedicated to runners young and old, experienced or new to running. We deliver training programs that meet the needs of all levels of experience, offering : Speedwork Programs, Triathlon and Duathlon Training, and one on one coaching. Read on to Find Out… Read more »

Fit2Run Local Partner

Click here for training plans and coaching Are you interested in training for your first 5k or improving pace for your next marathon? Do you want to improve your fitness and health, gaining strength, reducing the risk of injury, and becoming a more efficient runner? This is the training group for you! During our… Read more »